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Welcome to the lj icon community for Dave (aka Dai <- see what I did there? lol!) Williams, where you can find / post / request icons, banners and any other such graphics of everyone's favorite blonde welsh guitarist, of British pop/rock band Son Of Dork.

I know they say that rules are made to be broken and all that jazz, but these ones aren't, so please keep them in mind:

1. This community is members only, so obviously you have to be a member to post / comment. Please keep posts friends only.

2. This is a Dave community, therefore Dave must be in the icon somewhere lol! As long he's in it, its fine; it can feature him with others too, thats ok :)

2. Please keep criticism (if any!) constructive and play nice with other members. Nasty members will soon find themselves not being members anymore :)

3. CREDIT IS ESSENTIAL; its also supposedly a no-brainer, but the amount of people who don't credit their icon sources is unreal. So if you take someone's icon credit them in your keywords unless of course the icon maker says they don't mind. But it would be nice to do it anyway.

4. COMMENTS ARE LOVE; ok so comments when taking another member's icon aren't necessary, but they are very nice, and it lets the icon maker know what kind of things people like. Especially if you are going to take an icon, it's just polite, you know? :)

5. NO HOTLINKING; do not steal other people's bandwidth. Just don't.

6. if you've made a batch of icons, you can post one as a teaser, but please place the others under an lj-cut.

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